Designed by Laura Lleal of Harwood International, Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar is the newest restaurant concept and has the largest garden patio in Dallas. Located next to Saint Ann Court, the historic St. Ann’s School was preserved and converted by Harwood International into a restaurant and bar surrounded by gardens and art. It is open every day for lunch, dinner, drinks, and Sunday brunch.

The original structure was built in 1927 as Dallas’ first school for Hispanic children. In addition to the original structure, Harwood International has preserved the mural of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” which serves as the focal point in the gardens. The first level of the two-story red brick building is Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar and the second level will house The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection.

"For extra credit, sample a few of the establishment's signature cocktails... If only the school cafeteria had been like this." -- Paper City
"…the combination of ambience, price, and menu surprises earns Saint Ann a solid "A" in my grade book." -- D Magazine
So thank you Saint Ann Restaurant!  And congratulations....because you have proven that quality in food, beverage, design and decor will always be very much in style!- Paper City -- Paper City